Pemberdayaan Ekonomi Masyarakat Melalui Pengembangan Potensi Lokal Di Kampung Tablasupa Distrik Depapre Kabupaten Jayapura

  • Transna Putra Urip Universitas Cenderawasih
Keywords: Empowerment, local potentials, comprehensive strategy


This community service aims to provide an understanding of the potential of the local economy. By
providing knowledge and empowering businesses based on the local potential in motivating the
community to develop their creativity in developing their local resources, through increasing the
creativity of the community's economic business based on local potential. Through, identified local
potentials in the regian, such as 1) coastal tourism potential, namely Harlem, Amai, Sarebo and
Kitikipa and Tablasupa village settlements as separate tourism objects 2) capture and aquaculture
3) plantations 4) livestock and 5) mining and 6) industry pure coconut oil ( VCO). The empowerment
of strategy that needs a comprehensive strategy with the concepts of micro, mezo and macro.